Always Choose Assembled in America High Bays

Thu Aug 8, 2019

In America, outsourcing can be a cost effective choice when manufacturing products, but cost effective doesn’t always mean better. At Tamlite Lighting, sourcing products assembled in America helps to keep our standards up-to-par while providing quality to the customer. One product, in particular, is one that we pride ourselves on being manufactured in America: i-Beam high bays. 


What are I-Beam High Bays? 

The I-Beam LED high bays are ideal for manufacturing, warehousing, commercial and industrial facility lighting applications. The superior design makes it a sturdy, user friendly and easy to install highbay. They are distinguished by I-Beam LED High Bay Gen 2 and LED Tube I-Beam LED High Bay.


Quality Construction

The I-Beam LED High Bay Gen 2 body is constructed of 24 gauge, USA made commercial grade steel with a hot dipped galvanized finish (6 mgs on both sides); sheet rock has a Rock well hardness rating of RB 40 to 65. The lamp bars are 24 gauge, hot dipped galvanized steel. The LED Tube I-Beam LED High Bay is designed and UL listed to work with LED tubes. They have been converted to allow for 4ft 18 Watt and 2ft 9 Watt Direct Bypass LED Tubes.