Bullets & Floodlights

Understanding the Differences

Fri Nov 10, 2017


When looking for fixtures to build an outdoor lighting landscape, the big terms you’ll come across most often are floodlights and bullets (or spotlights). While both of these lights fulfill the same general purpose, the behave much differently. Using each version is important when designed a high-quality outdoor space.


Difference in Beam Spread

The most basic difference between the two are their beam spreads. Bullets like the TABFL from Tamlite Lighting have very tight beam angles, usually below 30°. This narrow angle allows the light to be more focused on a specific object. Since the light trespass can be controlled, bullets and spotlights are often used to light things like statues, fountains, or trees.

Floodlights like the TATFLL use much wider beam angles, generally 100° or more. This wide angle projects light more evenly over a much larger area. Floodlights can be used more for general lighting, such as illuminating a patio or parking area.


Using Bullets & Floodlights Together

A common application for bullets and floodlights are outdoor landscapes. By using both varieties, a designer can create both accents and general illumination. For example, using bullets or spotlights to accent trees or other plants will create a focal point. And then use floodlights to illuminate general areas, such as a patio.

Using a combination of both bullet fixtures and floodlights will create beautiful and elegant outdoor lighting. All the fixtures mentioned are available from Tamlite Lighting or by visiting your local City Electric Supply.