Commercial Ready Fixtures at Residential Fixture Prices

120V and 277V operation

Thu Aug 16, 2018


Why do commercial applications use 277V power instead of 120V?

Most industrial and commercial applications use 277V because the higher the voltage is, the less the current is required, which means better efficiency. The high voltage also allows for more fixtures to be wired on a single circuit, and since commercial and industrial applications often require a lot of light, the 277V low current requirements are a must.


Using 120V-277V Fixtures

Our ICL and RFK series residential housings and downlights are available in 120-277V, providing commercial level power without higher costs. These products are suitable for both commercial and residential applications and allow you to quickly and efficiently install LED retrofits. Both offered in multiple size options, the RFK and ICL series’ are the ideal choice for your next retrofitting project.