Copper Compression Butt Splices

Fast & affordable connectors for splicing wire

Tue Apr 17, 2018


When it comes to quickly connecting copper wiring on the job, nothing can beat the ease of use that copper compression butt splices offer. All of the F4P Copper Compression Butt Splices are color coded for ease of use and come in a variety of gauges and sizes.


Splicing or Soldering

Both soldering and splicing achieve the same goal: joining together two wires. However, each method offers their own pros and cons dependent on the application. One of the main advantages of using compression splices is the speed and ease. Soldering requires the use of more tools such as a soldering gun, solder, wire strippers, and electrical tape to wrap the connection. These tools take more time to use and can make connecting a bunch of wires a nightmare.


Using a compression splice connector however speeds up the process by only requiring a crimper and wire stripper. By simply stripping the wires, inserting them into both ends of the compression splice, and crimping, an installer can save a lot of time on large jobs.

While both methods are great, using compression splice connectors are much faster and easier compared to using soldered connections. F4P Compression Butt Splices are available at or by visiting your local City Electric Supply.