LED Retrofits and Return on Investment

TAMHLX Series LED High Bay

Tue Apr 17, 2018


Since their introduction in the 1960’s, metal-halide lamps have dominated commercial and industrial high bays. Their high-lumen output and longevity compared to incandescent made them a staple in high mounting height applications.

Nowadays, newer technologies like LED are taking the place of metal-halide and even fluorescents. The cost of LED is dropping to the point where switching to a LED high bay can cost similar to a fluorescent fixture, but without the constant maintenance of fluorescent tubes.


TAMHLX LED ROI Infographic


Fixtures like the TAMHLX series LED High Bay from Tamlite Lighting are the ideal retrofit for metal-halide or fluorescent lights. Using lean construction methods and increases in efficiency allow the TAMHLX to be priced competitively with fluorescent fixtures. Pumping out a high lumen count of 24,000 a one-to-one retrofit, keeping installation simple and cost-effective.

One of the primary reasons for retrofitting to LED is the yearly cost savings. For example, the TAMHLX 160W is the equivalent to a 324W fixture. Both produce the same amount of lumens, but the TAMHLX only uses 160W of power to produce over 24,000lm. Assuming the fixture operates for 8 hours a day, and the cost of power $0.12 per kilowatt, the yearly savings equals over $57 per year.

Depending on the price of fixture, the TAMHLX retrofit can pay itself off in only a few years depending on the scale of operating hours of your application. The TAMHLX series LED high bay is available at your local City Electric Supply or learn more by visiting www.TamliteUSA.com.