Parabolic Lighting

How does Parabolic Lighting work?

Wed Nov 14, 2018


When reading a book or computer screen, it’s always enjoyable for there to be a glare that obstructs your view. This statement is probably not true to a vast majority of people. Glare can impede one’s ability to see, quite literally, the full picture. Because of that, it can also distract from the work you need to do. Glare occurs when there is an excess of light in the direction being viewed. As people who are constantly using light, glare is not always avoidable. So how can we limit our exposure to it? One of the answers is parabolic lighting. This type of lighting was designed, specifically, to reduce glare, making it perfect for any area where concentrated task light is needed.


What is Parabolic Lighting?

In order to understand what parabolic lighting is, it’s best to know what it looks like. If you’re in a building, take a look at the ceiling, specifically, at the lights. Do you notice a grid in the fixture? If so, then that is a parabolic lighting fixture. The grids play an important role because they are designed to conceal light at optimal viewing angles for the user, making it more comfortable. Because the light is focused downward, the source of light can’t be seen while looking across a room. This reduces glare as there is no more excess of light due to it being focused in the direction needed.


Where Should Parabolic Lighting be Used?

Parabolic lighting should be used in places that require light control and energy efficiency. This makes it best suited for office spaces and work environments where focused lighting helps make viewing computer screens, reading, taking notes, and doing tasks easier. This can lead to employees being more productive throughout the work day.


Where can Parabolic Lighting be Purchased?

A variety of parabolic lighting is available at Tamlite Lighting. These include Fluorescent Parabolic, LED Tube Parabolic, and LED Parabolic. All options are ideal in office buildings where low glare, high quality, and clean lines are required, however each one is meant to fit the needs of whatever your use for these lights may be. Find them only at your local City Electric Supply.