UL Listed Conduit

Why UL Listing Matters

Fri Aug 17, 2018


When on the search for electrical materials, knowing you’re purchasing a quality, and a long-lasting product is a must. Lucky for you, there is no need to go through a series of trial and error until you find the best product, thanks to Underwriters Laboratories.


Underwriters Laboratories (UL) ensures that a UL certified product meets their standards for efficiency and safety, allowing you to be sure that the product you’re considering is a quality option. This pertains to all UL listed products, however, to better explain the importance of UL certifications, we will be discussing our conduits as an example.


We offer a wide range of flexible conduits such as our Steel Flex and our Liquid Tight Metallic Flex, both UL listed conduits. This is very important because when dealing with cable systems, it is crucial to have the safest and most reliable equipment. UL has world-class standards, so when an item is certified by their caliber, you can be certain you are making the right choice. In addition, UL listing is a requirement on most job sites, which substituting Centaur conduit with something non-listed can cause you to fail inspection; a very expensive mistake.


A product that is not UL certified does not offer the peace of mind that comes with a product that meets or exceeds UL’s standards. When installing a piece of equipment, from a light bulb to a conduit, UL certified ensures you are getting a top quality product.