What is the ISO 17025 Accreditation

TAMCO Quality Control Lab

Wed May 16, 2018


Recently, our TAMCO Quality Control Lab received its own ISO 17025 accreditation. This accreditation gives us the ability independently confirm that our products not only meet national standards, but exceed them without having to rely on third party entities.


What is ISO 17025 testing?

Our ISO 17025 was completed through the A2LA Electrical Testing Program, that encompasses all types of electrical testing, including electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical performance, and safety.


Integrated Sphere LM-79 verification

Our Integrated Sphere provides uses LM-79 testing methods for LED luminaires, measuring metrics such as luminous flux, luminous efficacy, chromaticity, CCT, and CRI. We then test 10% of every product batch we order from overseas or produce in the United States to verify our standards have been met or exceeded.


This not only is a good thing for TAMCO, but as City Electric Supply as a whole. Since the Photometric Laboratory is ISO 17025, we can test and verify products CES wish to stock in their stores, in addition to TAMCO products, to guarantee our end-users are getting only the very best products.