When to Use an Inverter

Tue Apr 16, 2019

Inverters are a supplemental tool that can be, initially, difficult to understand. But by following this guide, knowing when to use an inverter is made easier.

What are Inverters?

Our inverter systems are designed to provide sinusoidal AC emergency power to connected incandescent, fluorescent or LED fixtures that are between 20 and 600 watts.


Using Inverters

Inverters can be crucial in times of emergency, so it should be used when power needs to be converted. It works by converting direct current power from a battery bank to true sinusoidal alternating current. The inverter features adjustable lumen output and includes automatic monthly or annual system discharging. The system shall transfer in less than 1.0 second to reliably back up lighting fixtures without loss of illumination and operate any and all connected lighting fixtures at full lumen output during the complete 90-minute discharge cycle.


Inverter System Display

An intuitive three LED display provides system operational information at a glance and alerts the user to any malfunction in system performance. Authorized maintenance personnel will have access to the system’s controls while being protected from any live exposed connections.