Cutoff Wall Pack: the Wall Pack for You

Tue Jul 9, 2019

Wall Packs are great for light distribution in outdoor areas. However, their distribution style makes all the difference when choosing one. There are three general types: standard/ traditional/forward, all of which distributes light out and down, up/down, which distributes light up and down, and cutoff, which distributes light downward. Out of all these cutoff is the one that we’ll focus on.


Cutoff Wall Pack and Dark Sky Compliance

Although cutoff wall packs distribute light downward, they are not guaranteed to be Dark Sky Compliant by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) because some light is still sent forward. Cutoff wall packs are largely used where no direct up light or light pollution is desired. 


Cutoff Wall Pack and Light Pollution

Light pollution is an important element to consider when purchasing fixtures. Because light is so integrated into and necessary in everyday life, it’s easy to forget that it can also be harmful due to how often we use it. That’s why it’s essential to know three of its components, especially when purchasing wall packs: Sky Glow, Light Trespass and Light Glare. Sky Glow is when light is emitted upward that illuminates the night sky. Light Trespass is when light exceeds the boundaries of a given desired area, such as a flood light that lights up a neighbor’s property. Light Glare is the harsh, uncomfortable brightness that light fixtures can produce that can be seen from great distances. Out of all wall packs, cutoff is the one with the least amount of light pollution, making it a great option for an outdoor fixture.