Different Types of Optics

Tue May 14, 2019

When choosing lighting knowing the types of lighting distribution patterns is important. The standard five types are types one through five. Within those five types are variations usually categorized as type one small or wide, type two small or wide, etc.


Types of Lighting Distribution Patterns

Each lighting distribution pattern leaves a different light footprint on the ground, with the mounting height affecting the lighting footprint.

  • Type One: generally wide beam with a narrow forward throw designed to light sidewalks and walkways with the light concentrations going in opposite directions.

  • Type Two: has a wider angle of concentration in an oval type shape in the entire fixture area with the fixture in the center of the footprint.

  • Type Three: provides more of a forward throw, wide, round pattern with a much larger light footprint with more candlepower intensity.

  • Type Four: almost entirely forward through of the footprint

  • Type Five: produces more of a circular footprint with symmetry of candlepower and intensity at all lateral angles.