Different Types of Tapes

How to choose the right tape for the job

Tue Oct 16, 2018


If there’s one supply that everyone has, it’s tape. You use it to stick things to other things. You use it to keep things together. You use it to fix things that are broken. That being said, while all tapes share common characteristics, they are not created as equal. Some are better suited for certain jobs than others. For instance, if you were sending a large package to someone, scotch tape is probably not your best choice; instead, you would use packing tape. It’s the same concept for the electrical industry. Certain tapes work better than others, depending on the job. F4P offers several types of tape meant to fit your needs.


Standard Grade Electrical

This is probably the most common tape to have. Standard Grade Electrical is used to insulate electrical wires and other materials that conduct electricity. It’s designed with ultra-tough adhesion capabilities, to withstand harsh conditions, and to protect and insulate with ease.


Pro Grade Electrical

A step up from Standard Grade Electrical, Pro Grade Electrical surpasses all industry standards in adhesion, elasticity, and weather resistance. Its many resistances, including weather/UV, moisture, acid, and alkali, is due to its anti-abrasive, rubber-based adhesive.


Rubber Splicing Tape

The Rubber Splicing Tape can be broken into two types: Low Voltage Rubber Tape and High Voltage Rubber Tape.

Low Voltage: This tape is made from unvulcanized, or not chemically treated, rubber that will quickly bond to itself to form a solid, watertight protection. It can be used as the primary insulation for electrical wires and cable splices up to 600 volts.

High Voltage: With an ethylene propylene rubber base, the High Voltage tape possesses excellent electrical, chemical, and physical properties. Unlike the Low Voltage tape, this tape can insulate 600 colts through 69,000 volts (splices on power cables) and 600 volts through 35,000 volts (terminations on power cables). This self-bonding tape permits much quicker taping speeds than a tape with a liner and yields a uniform, void-free build-up.


Underground Tape

Underground Tape can be broken into two types: Detectable Red Elect Caution Tape and Non-Detect Red Caution Tape.

Detectable Red Elect Caution: Finding electrical lines buried underground is made easier with this tape. This tape offers a fast and economical way to locate them.

Non-Detect Red Caution: Similar to Detectable Red Elect Tape, this tape makes finding electrical lines underground easier, except its harder to be discovered by others.


Duct Tape

Duct Tape can be broken into three types: Utility Grade, Premium Grade, and Professional Grade.

Utility Grade: Of the three tapes, this is the most standard. Excellent for general repairs, bundling of heavy materials, and plumbing applications. This tape has the perfect combination of increased strength and flexible conformability.

Premium Grade: Of the three tapes, this is used for demanding applications. This tape’s high-tack adhesive allows it to stick to rough and textured surfaces. Its adhesion has been improved, giving it 20% more shear strength than before. This makes it perfect for hanging poly sheeting.  

Professional Grade: Of the three tapes, this is used for more heavy-duty jobs. It’s over 12 millimeters thick with 70 oz/inch adhesion power. 


Caution Tape

Caution Tape has the standard yellow background and bold black print, making it easily legible. It’s also designed to remain supple in cold weather, allowing cautious areas to stay cautious, year round.


Packing Tape

For any packaging needs, Packing Tape offers strong adhesion capabilities at a good value.


Foil Tape

Foil Tape can seal the vapor of irregular and fibrous ductwork, fabricated metals, and leaks and cracks.


Friction Tape

Abrasion and penetration of cable, splices, and wire stands no chance against the strong protection of Friction Tape. Both of its sides are coated with a rubber adhesive for adhesion to many types of surfaces. 


Rubber Mastic Tape

Made from EPR rubber with a strong, stable mastic adhesive for splice connections, Rubber Mastic Tape is great for electrical insulating and sealing.


Glass Cloth Tape

For applications where resistance to high temperature and high mechanical strength are required, Glass Cloth Tape provides heat stabilized insulation. Perfect for motor leads, hot spots, switches, and controls.


Painter’s Tape

Perfect for any painting project. Painter’s Tape is specially formulated for clean removal from a wide variety of surfaces up to 14 days after application. It’s great for use on glass, metal, and painted or unpainted wood, making it highly versatile.

Everything mentioned here is available at your local City Electric Supply or found online at F4P-usa.com