Learn More About Cords

Wed Sep 18, 2019

Portable cords cover a wide array of products, guaranteeing you can find what you need for your applications. These cords are for appliances, dryers and ranges, and generators.


Appliance Cords

RPP appliance cords come with pre-stripped wires for quick and easy installation. Multiple lengths are available to accommodate the connection. It is UL rated meaning it resists moisture.


Dryer and Range Cords

RPP dryer and range cords have thick vinyl insulation with right angle male plug. Both work with most standard, freestanding electric dryers or ranges. Cord lengths of 4 ft and 6 ft are available to accommodate connection in most laundry spaces.


Generator Cords

RPP generator cords are a quick and convenient way to get additional cord length between the generator and transfer switch. Its outdoor rating means it can endure the harsh conditions of the outdoors.


For a complete listing of portable cords, download the flyer.