Understanding Indirect Lighting

Learn what makes Indirect Lighting so great

Tue Oct 16, 2018


It goes without saying that light is important. Without it, the world would be a very dark place. Take a look around where you are and imagine how different it would be if there was no light. Now take a look at the different lighting in the place where you are. Is it coming down directly on its objects or is it more evenly spread? This is the difference between direct lighting and indirect lighting.

Lighting is essential in every home, workplace, and building. It can help you to see clearly, making doing tasks easier. It can also help to set the mood, giving the room an ambient feel. With that being said, all lighting is not created as equal, especially when it comes to what you want it used for. Some lights help to accentuate places better than others. If you’re in a kitchen, you’ll want lighting that will help you see the food you’re preparing; if you’re in a movie theater, you’ll want lighting that won’t distract from the screen. If you prefer the latter, then you enjoy indirect lighting.


What is indirect lighting?

Like the name suggests, indirect lighting is lighting that doesn’t directly hit its objects. Instead, it spreads evenly around the room. This gives off a more relaxing effect in a room whereas direct lighting may be more harsh because it’s meant to be focused. This effect is imitated in lighting fixtures, where the light is directed upward to bounce off walls or ceilings to light the room. Lighting fixtures that give off indirect light include chandeliers pointing upwards, wall sconces, and recessed center baskets.


Advantages of indirect lighting

Using indirect lighting can allow the user to set the mood. It can help prevent excessive brightness and contrast in a room, while still lighting it.Indirect lighting can also minimize glares on computer screens and foster a soft, appealing environment for concentrated work, making it ideal for offices, schools, and computer labs. In addition to that, it also allows human faces to be displayed more accurately, especially in social settings.  


Where to use indirect lighting

Indirect lighting should be used in areas where light is being used to enhance, rather than being the focal point. It should also be used in areas where you want to wind down and relax. These areas may include a den, restaurant, or office space. Indirect light is important when entertaining, watching TV or working at a computer, and can depict an inviting glow in any place. If your plan is to not be distracted by glaring light around you, then indirect lighting is the way to go.


 Where to find indirect lighting

Knowing where to find indirect lighting is just as important as knowing which type of indirect lighting to purchase. Tamlite Lighting offers several options of indirect lighting for different places such as airports, retail, education, and commercial office buildings. These include Recessed LED Center Basket, Recessed LED Side Lighted Indirect, and Architectural Linear Direct/Indirect. These options provide the optimal choice for whatever your need is.