Which Color Temperature is Right For You?

Tue Mar 19, 2019

Finding the right color temperature is as important as choosing the type of lighting fixture you want. It’s meant to accent areas, giving it the feel you’re going for. By proxy, it can also have an effect on your mood. For example, a warmer color temperature would be the most desirable for areas meant for unwinding or relaxation. For areas that are meant for anything task related, a cooler color temperature would be most desirable. But why does the color temperature have an effect on moods?


Color Temperature and Mood

Studies in light therapy have shown that different light colors affect your heart rate and moods, as mentioned before. Your body’s production of melatonin and serotonin are directly affected by the color temperature of light. Higher color temperatures in the 4k and 5k range are closer to midday natural sunlight, when you're most active. A high color temperature or cool, blue light causes an increase in your serotonin and energy levels. Red light is similar to the light that occurs naturally at the end of the day, when you're winding down. Lower color temperatures cause the increase in melatonin which will cause your body to become more relaxed and even sleepy. Low color temperature is often referred to as warm. With this in mind, now you have all the knowledge you need to decide what mood lighting you want for your application areas, but what about the fixture?


CYCLED and Color Temperature

The CYCLED wall pack is an economical choice for both residential and commercial applications where a compact, vandal resistant fixture is required. The CYCLED offers color temperature options of 3k, 4k, and 5k. This unit is ideal for entry ways, walkways, corridors, stairwells and comes with a photocell installed. The variety of options the CYCLED provides, allows you to accentuate the lighting in any area the way you want.