Adjustable LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Introducing the TAUC Series

Thu Aug 16, 2018


The TAUC series Adjustable LED Under Cabinet Light features an adjustable color temperature switch allowing for quick swapping between warm and cool white. Enjoy the energy efficiency and longevity of LED in 11”, 18”, 22”, and 32” varieties that are both plug-and-play and hard-wired compatible.


Quick Swap Colors

The TAUC series features a switch that can quickly swap between 2700K, 3000K, or 4000K at any time, even after the installation.


Multiple Power Options

The fixture can be hard-wired or simple plug-and-play. The TAUC series offers both to add convenience and adaptability.


Soft Light Output

Featuring more frequent and smaller LED diodes, the TAUC series produces a softer, more diffused light similar to fluorescent.