Brass & Nickel Floor Box Covers

Protect Components from Environmental Hazards

Tue Mar 13, 2018

These covers plates are designed to protect enclosed power wiring from daily environmental floor conditions such as foot traffic and mopping. The included rubber gasket and aluminum backing plate create a reliable watertight seal.


Understanding the UL Scrub Water Test

The Centaur Floor Box Covers are UL Scrub Water tested. This test verifies that the floor box cover prevents temporary standing water from penetrating into the box, or inside the seal, possibility damage the internal components.

The test is conducted by pouring soapy water onto the floor box cover and allowing it to soak for 45 seconds. Then the excess water is removed and the internals are inspected for water and moisture. The floor box covers passes the UL test if no moisture or water is found inside the box or directly under the seal.

The Brass & Nickel Floor Cover Plates are available at your local City Electric Supply. Learn more by downloading the flyer below.