Cord and Cable Line Expansion

Fire Alarm and Speaker Wire

Tue Mar 13, 2018


RPP is proud to introduce the newest additions to their ever expanding line of cord and cable. 

Fire Alarm Cable 

RPP Fire Alarm cable is ideal for applications such as wiring of fire alarms, smoke detectors, voice communications, burglar alarms, or fire protective circuits. Our Fire Alarm cable is constructed with annealed solid bare copper conductors and has sequential marketings to make pulls easier and more efficient.

The cable is often broken down into two categories: FPLP and FPLR. FPLP is plenum rated for use inside of plenums such as air ducts where air is pressurized. The PVC jacket contains anti-smoke characteristics to prevent air ducts from filling with smoke during emergencies. FPLR is riser rated, meaning for wires that span across multiple floors. Riser rated has better fire resistance to avoid spreading fires to multiple floors.  


Security Cable

Security cable is often used to connect point-to-point security/alarm devices. Applications include door and window sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, keypads, or control stations.  


Speaker Wire

RPP Speaker Cable is ideal for the wiring of speaker systems and intercoms. RPP Speaker Cable consists of high strand count insulated copper conductors in twisted pair construction with an easy-strip PVC jacket.

All RPP Cord and Cables are available online at or at your local City Electric Supply.