Fluorescent to LED Retrofit Kit

The LEDRTFK series

Tue Dec 12, 2017


Convert any Fluorescent fixture to LED quickly and easily with the magnetic LEDRTFK Retrofit Kit. Simply attach the magnetic boards and driver to the body of any existing fluorescent luminaire. This low-cost conversion kit works with troffers, strip lights, and high bays.


Low-Cost Conversion

Convert to LED without major investment by simply replacing the internals of the fixture, and keeping the body; lower costs and maintain designs aesthetics.  


Ultimate Flexibility

Available in 2’ or 4’ options and either 2-board or 3-board configurations, matching light levels and fixture size for any application.


Easy Installation

LED boards and driver attached magnetically for easy room-side installation. Once orientation is correct, all components and be attached via included push rivets for a more secure fit.  

You can find our line of LEDRTFK series by visiting your local City Electric Supply or online at www.TamliteUSA.com