Introducing the Backlit Panel

Wed Jan 22, 2020

For years, LED panels have been a cost-effective alternative to traditional fluorescent fixtures that are prevalent in schools, offices, and commercial buildings. Recently, LED panels have been developed to increase their efficiency in a new fixture: the BLP series Backlit Panel.


The Backlit Panel has state-of-the-art LED construction that delivers superior light performance and reduces glare. 


Its light source comes from behind the diffuser, rather than the edge of the panel. This allows the light to project through less material, which translates to lower operational costs. 


In addition to increased efficiency and uniformity, the Backlit Panel has a rigid frame that doesn’t warp in applications. Its LEDs are protected from damage as they are not on the side of the frame. It also has the DLC Premium qualification that optimizes energy savings and utility rebates.


Backlit Panels are available now.


For more information, contact Customer Service at (772) 878-4944.