Introducing the CMS Series and the TRRMS Series

Wed Dec 18, 2019

Keeping residences, businesses, and loved ones protected should always be a priority. To do this, extra measures need to be taken in order to ensure safety. 


Available Security Lights

The new CMS series and TRRMS series security lights offer multiple options depending on the needs of the application. 


The CMS series has three options for units:

  • Motion sensor and security light

  • Motion sensor only 

  • Security light only


The TRRMS series is color switchable and comes with a motion sensor and light in both units. The motion sensor option has 180° PIR detection, giving a wide range of detection.


Advantages of Security Lighting

Security lights help increase visibility in surrounding areas, whether it is a residence or a business. Coupled with motion sensor technology, security lights can deter unwanted visitors such as trespassers or stray animals, decreasing criminal activity or damage to property. Security lights can also increase the value of property, making it, not only, a practical investment, but a wise one too.


For more information on these security lights, contact Customer Service at (772) 878-4944.