Not Your Average Exit Sign

Wed Nov 20, 2019

Picture this: you have a new building, you’re getting it up to code, and the biggest dilemma you’re dealing with exit sign or green exit sign? Our new Color Switchable Exit Signs have got you covered.  


How it Works

Color Switchable Exit Signs are designed with you in mind. The LXP3MWEM and the LXPC3MWEM are complete with red and green LEDs as well as red and green inserts, increasing flexibility!



What’s the Difference?

The LXPC3MWEM combines an exit sign and emergency lighting into one device. The LXP3MWEM does not come with emergency lights.


Why is Color Switchable Important? 

Having an exit sign that provides two color options is not only convenient, but cost effective as well. This means you can change from red to green, and vice versa, without any added cost. 

For more information, contact Customer Service at (772) 878-4944.