RJ45 Pass Through Connectors

Introducing the RJ45 Pass Through Connectors

Mon Apr 15, 2019

RPP's RJ45 Pass Through Connectors provide a connection to Ethernet based local area networks.


You Asked For Them, Now They’re Here

In business, the customer is always right, so when requests are made it’s important that they don’t fall on deaf ears. That’s why RPP listened to what the customer had to say and has added RJ45 Pass Through Connectors to its product lineup. The request, made by Nashville North groups, further cements the value of the customer to RPP.


What is an RJ45 Connector?

The RJ45 is a standardized physical network interface for connecting telecommunications or data equipment. The “RJ” refers to the “registered jack”. The 8P8C (8-position, 8-contact) is the most common connector.


What’s the Difference?

RJ45 Pass Through Connectors often get compared to the RJ45 Standard. The difference between the two is the RJ45 Pass Through Connector allows the wires to be thread through the connector to ensure proper alignment before termination for fast and accurate installation.