The Mesh Grips Brochure is Here

Wed Feb 26, 2020

The new RPP Mesh Grips Brochure covers everything from cable pulling to cable support, perfect for industrial applications. With over 750 SKUs of new products featured in the brochure, you’re sure to find what you need.   


Products consist of cable grips for pulling, support, and control as well as compatible accessories. Here are some that are available: 

       -  Underground Cable Grips                    -   Standard Duty Support Grips

       -  Splicing Cable Grips                            -   Heavy Duty Support Grips

       -  Hose Restraints                                   -   Light Duty Support Grips

       -  Non-Metallic (Aramid) Cable Grips      -   Pole Line Hardware

       -  Line Pulling Swivels                             -   Specialty Cable Management Grips


To see the full line, check out the Mesh Grips Brochure, available now. 


For more information, contact RPP at 772-408-5211.