Up/Down LED Pendant

Fri Feb 15, 2019

Combining direct and indirect lighting into a suspended LED pendant, the UPDLED series provides stylish lighting in commercial applications such as offices and retail spaces.


Visual Comfort

Indirect light fixtures are popular because of their reduced glare, they however great a ‘cloudy day’ feeling, removing highlights and shadows from the environment. Purely direct fixtures are most common but they can great harsh glare and create eye strain. Combining direct and indirect lighting, the UPDLED provides ample lighting without unnecessary glare.


Modern Design

While traditional volumetric troffer offers the same benefits of up/down lighting, their boxy design is dated and the fixtures require a drop ceiling. The modern pendant design of the UPDLED allows for suspended lighting, enabling the fixture to be adjusted to the task area, allowing for installation in applications with high ceilings in addition to standard mounting heights.


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