ACLRT Series Ribbon Tape

Mon May 13, 2019

Versatile lighting solutions for outdoor and indoor applications are made possible with ACLRT Series Ribbon Tape.


Flexible Accent Lighting

LED Ribbon Tape combines ease of use with high output lighting. LED diodes are attached to a flexible circuit board, allowing it to be used in various places around the house, office, or outdoors. 


Pre-cut for Ease of Installation

The ACLRT is pre-cut allowing for quick installation with minimal preparations. The 3’, 12’, or 48’ lengths come with linkable ends allowing for extended runs.


Features of ACLRT Ribbon Tape

The ACLRT Ribbon Tape has multiple features to make using it easy:

  • Pre-cut in 3’, 12’, or 48’ lengths

  • Includes mounting clips

  • Available in Cool White and Warm White

  • Linkable ends for runs longer than up to 150’

  • Sold as a kit