Enclosed & Gasketed LED Strip Lights

Designed for Freezer and Cooler Applications

Fri Nov 10, 2017


The NCF LED Enclosed and Gasketed fixtures are rated damp/wet location, ideal for use inside walk-in coolers or freezers. When compared to fluorescent, LED lighting far outperforms in such harsh environments


LED’s thrive in the cold

Since commercial freezers are often held far below 0°F, traditional fluorescent tubes struggle to produce the required lumens, creating possible work hazards. LED’s however run more efficiently and even last longer operating in such cold environments. The NCF series LED strip light can often last up to 5 years, while most fluorescent tubes in similar conditions only last up to 16 months.


Fast return on investment

Inside of a freezer or cooler, heat is the enemy. Fixtures like the NCF not only provide a return on investment from electricity saved, but also help maintain the temperature by reducing ambient heat. Fluorescent tubes can produce up to 30 BTU’s per hour, while LED only produces about 3.4 BTU’s.


The efficiency and low ambient heat from enclosed and gasketed fixtures like the NCF series far outperform and outlast common fluorescent fixtures inside the harsh conditions of walk-in coolers and freezers. You can find the NCF series from Tamlite Lighting at your local City Electric Supply.