LED Round High Bay

The TAMUFO Series

Mon Jul 16, 2018


The lean engineering of the TAMUFO series makes it an extremely efficient and affordable LED fixture for industrial high bay applications.


High Output, High Efficiency 

The TAMUFO series features high-quality Philips LED chips and a high-quality driver, which produce over 148 lumens per watt, making this fixture extremely economical while still producing high-quality light. Since high bays often operate in industrial applications where lighting can be on for up to 24 hours and function at high wattages, energy efficiency has a direct impact on the bottom line.


Built to Withstand

Built with die-cast aluminum housing, our TAMUFO series high bays are extremely durable and long lasting. Not only are they sturdier than fixtures with all steel housings, die-cast aluminum housings provide other advantages as well.

For example, because aluminum dissipates heat much faster than steel, the entire body of the fixture acts as a heat sink, giving the fixture a longer life by keeping it cooler in high temperatures, allowing the LEDs to operate more efficiently.

Another benefit to our die-cast aluminum housing is the fact that aluminum is naturally non-corrosive, allowing for environmental resistance without additional costly treatments. Because of this combination of aluminum and powder-coating, the TAMUFO series is IP65 rated and under warranty for 7-years.

The TAMUFO series is available at your local City Electric Supply. Learn more at www.tamliteusa.com