Premium Trolley & Pipe Rollers

Easy Mobile Suspension

Tue Dec 12, 2017


Whether it’s supporting mobile tools, or making the transportation of pipe easier, trolley and pipe rollers need to be rugged and strong. Available in both electro-galvanized steel or 304 stainless steel, these components are built to withstand punishment.


Premium Trolley Rollers

Trolley systems are ideal for applications such as pneumatic tools, moveable dividers, rolling doors, die handling, material transfer, and even welding curtains. The simple Unistrut® system allows for the quick and easy transfer of goods or tools. The 2 bearing (RT2BA) and 4 bearing (RT4BA) roller trolleys are rated to support up to 300lb and 600lb respectively.


Pipe Rollers

Workers trust pipe rollers to aid in the storage and transport of piping for use. These pipe rollers from Centaur Industrial can hold up 2000lb 24” pipe (PR16-24) or down to 500lb 1” pipe (PR1-4P). Available in an electro-galvanized finish.

You can find our line of Trolley & Pipe Rollers by visiting your local City Electric Supply or by viewing our catalog below.