Quickly Swap Colors with Snap-on Trims

Benefits of Snap-On Trims

Tue Dec 12, 2017


Since the introduction of modern LED retrofits, more and more recessed downlights are being converted to the more energy-efficient LED. For simplicity, we have designed a new series of Snap-On Trims that attached directly to the ICRF series and ICIJ series using bendable tabs.


Job-site Customization

Since the LED Trims are compatible across both the ICRF and ICIJ series, contractors can carry a box of mocha, satin nickel, and matte black trims and customize on the job site. This reduces costs by allowing for generic white trim to be used until the fixture is seen in context to the room’s design. By adding the colored trims last, it allows for last minute changes by either the customer or the installer, saving time and money through costly last-min reinstalls or adjustments.

You can find our line of LED Trims or our downlight retrofit kits by visiting your local City Electric Supply or online at www.TamliteUSA.com