Sport Flood

Wed Jun 12, 2019

Sport Flood is the unsung hero of sporting events. This broad-beamed, high intensity artificial light that is used to illuminate outdoor fields so that players and spectators can see the action clearly. The science behind Sport Flood is specified by the NEMA distribution type in order to properly categorize the beam spread, allowing you to know the type of beam you need.


What is NEMA?

NEMA is a light distribution classification developed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. There are seven beam types in NEMA classification. NEMA describes the distribution of light within the beam produced by the fixture.

  • Type 1: Very Narrow; 10°-18°

  • Type 2: Narrow; >18°-29°

  • Type 3: Medium Narrow; >29°-46°

  • Type 4: Medium; >46°-70°

  • Type 5: Medium Wide; >70°-100°

  • Type 6: Wide; >100°-130°

  • Type 7: Very Wide; >130°+


Choosing the Right Sport Flood with NEMA

The beam spread determines the NEMA type. The smaller the NEMA type, the more narrow the beam spread. The further away from the area you wish to illuminate is the more narrow your beam spread should be. For these applications, a Sport Flood with a NEMA type of 1, 2 or 3 would be best suited. On the opposite end of things, the closer the desired area, the wider the beam. For these applications a Sport Flood with a NEMA type of 5, 6 or 7 would be best suited.