TASF LED Flushmount

Wed Jun 12, 2019

With the wide array of lighting fixtures on the market, it may be difficult for some to get the shine they need. That’s why the TASF series is getting the spotlight it deserves.


The Power of LED in TASF

The TASF series surface mount fixtures uses LED as a light source. This makes the fixtures long lasting and energy efficient. Fixtures can be surface mounted directly to a junction box by using the mounting bracket or they can be mounted to either a 4” or 6” recessed can using repositionable fixture clips. The TASF also comes with a safety support for ease of installation.


Versatile Design

The TASF has a sleek, modern design meant to best accent your application. It’s available in:

  • Round and square

  • 7” and 9”

  • 3K and 4K color temp.