TLP Series LED Flat Panels

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Tue Mar 19, 2019

The TLP series provides a great, energy saving, long life lighting solution in a variety of options: The TLP, the CTLP, and the TLP-CSD. 


LED Flat Panels

The TLP series features an edge-lit LED flat panel, giving an evenly illuminated appearance. Its diverse design allows it to be suspended or recessed mounted. It has a low profile modern design which makes it ideal for use in airport, retail, and commercial applications.


Features of LED Flat Panels

LED Flat Panels have multiple features making it easy to use:

  • Ultra thin profile made from extruded aluminum channels

  • Edge-lit LED with diffused lens gives an evenly illuminated appearance

  • Low maintenance and easy installation

  • Suitable for installation in NEMA type G ceiling applications

Contractor LED Flat Panels

The CTLP series combines value-engineered design with the low-profile of edge-lit LED panels, making them an ideal alternative to traditional troffers.


Ultra Thin Profile

With a profile of only 1.8”, the CTLP can be installed in restricted spaces when compared to traditional troffers which often require 4” of clearance.

Value-driven Design

The CTLP series is value-engineered to enable contractors the ability to purchase in bulk.

Adjustable LED Edge-Lit Panels

The TLP-CSD series features an adjustable switch to instantly switch between color temperatures.


Reduction in Inventory

Featuring a switch that can quickly swap between 2700K, 3000K, or 4000K, the TLP-CSD can replace THREE separate SKU’s in a single unit.

Versatile Design

The low profile modern design makes it ideal for use in airport, retail, education and commercial office buildings.


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