Traffic Safety Products

Tools To Stay Safe In Roadside Work Environments

Fri Jan 12, 2018


Electricians often find themselves working in not so friendly environments. One of the most dangerous places for an electrician is on the side of a busy road, whether to fix a power line or repair a utility box. However, using the proper safety equipment, Electricians can minimize the risks of roadside work.


Traffic safety gear like reflective cones and triangle emergency kits help bring attention to stationary vehicles alongside roadways. Using these types of safety measures not only help prevent accidents but is sometimes a law.


Triangle Roadside Kits contain 3 folding reflective triangles. They are designed to be placed in a row behind a stationary vehicle and can be seen for over a half mile away. With the included protective case, the triangle kit can be stored away in a trunk or toolbox.


In addition to triangle roadside kits, reflective traffic cones can also be used to help prevent accidents. The F4P 18” Reflective Cone is weighted near the bottom to create a lower center of gravity to keep it from tipping over. The high visibility orange PVC is UV stabilized to maintain color and strength for a long time. Keep in mind however that traffic cones are not legal substitutes for the triangle roadside kit.

All products mentioned above are available at or by visiting your local City Electric Supply.