Variable Frequency Drives: Small But Mighty

Wed Nov 20, 2019

If you’ve ever thought about what controls the speed of an AC, here’s your answer: Variable Frequency Drives, or VFDs. Keep reading to learn more about how VFDs work.


How VFDs Work

VFDs are a type of motor starter. Due to it being a motor starter, “VFDs convert constant frequency and voltage input power to an adjustable frequency and voltage source,” according to WEG Electric Corp. It’s with this conversion that VFDs control the speed of applications. 


Available VFDs

MCG has five different lines of VFDs available:

  • C100: used in applications up to 10 horsepower

  • M100: used in single-phase input applications

  • S100: used in applications demanding up to 200% starting torque at 0.5Hz

  • H100: used in applications from 0.5 horsepower up to 800 horsepower

  • SP100: built around the H100 line, it has a built-in bypass and takes up less space